Customization of UI components

Menustructure, search options and some additional items can be configured based on the user role using the files located in the uicontrol/ folder. There can be one file for each role, if no role file is found, the configuration from _default.yaml is loaded. Note that there is no inheritance, so you always need to provide a full file per role.

Certificate search mask

The four fields Subject, Subject. Alt Name, Profile and Status are fixed. You can add additional that are combined to a cloneable dual-select field to search for data in the certificate_attributes tables.

Add a block named “certsearch” to the uicontrol file:

       key: meta_entity

       key: meta_requestor
       pattern: '*%s*'
       operator: inlike

       key: meta_email
       operator: in
       transform: lower

Label and key are mandatory, key is the attributes key to be found in certificate_attributes, as of v1.19 the default operator is “IN”, so multiple values given for the same key are “ORed” (up to 1.18 this was AND which confused most users).

Possible operators are LIKE and EQUAL (values are ANDed!) or the special “INLIKE” (LIKE pattern with values ORed).

The transform and pattern keyword allow preprocessing of the input values prior passing it to the SQL engine. Transform can be upper or lower which applies the uppercase/lowercase method to the value, pattern is used with sprintf:

$val = sprintf($pattern, $val);

Each transformation is applied individually on each value.

Workflow search mask

This is the same as for the certificate search mask, the uicontrol key is wfsearch, queries are executed against the workflow_attributes table.