RPC Server API

The RPC Service provides a simple HTTP-Based API to the OpenXPKI backend. The builtin REST Server provides methods to request, renew and revoke certificates. The service is implemented using a cgi-wrapper script.

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Currently, the only method implemented is for revoking certificates.

Server-Side Configuration

Wrapper Configuration

The default wrapper looks for its config file at /etc/openxpki/rpc/default.conf. The config uses plain ini format, a default is deployed by the package:

log_config = /etc/openxpki/rpc/log.conf
log_facility = client.rpc
socket = /var/openxpki/openxpki.socket

stack = _System

The global/auth parameters are described in the common wrapper documentation (Wrapper Configuration). Config path extension and TLS Authentication is supported.

Exposed Methods

The default is to expect/return JSON formatted data, but some methods will accept/return other formats, too.

Parameters are expected in the query string or in the body of the HTTP POST operation (application/x-www-form-urlencoded). At minimum, the parameter “method” must be provided. The name of the method used must match a section in the configuration file, which must at least contain the name of a workflow.

Revoke Certificate by Certificate Identifier

The endpoint is configured in /etc/openxpki/rpc/default.conf with the following:

[RevokeCertificateByIdentifier] workflow = certificate_revocation_request_v2 servername = signed-revoke

See core/server/cgi-bin/rpc.cgi for mapping additional parameters, if needed.

Certificates are revoked by specifying the certificate identifier.

–data “method=RevokeCertificateByIdentifier” –data “cert_identifier=3E9tpLu5qpXarcQHnD1LUNsJIpU” –data “reason_code=unspecified” http://demo.openxpki.org/cgi-bin/rpc.cgi

The response is in JSON format (http://www.jsonrpc.org/specification#response_object). Except for the “id”, the result is identical to the SOAP call:

{ result: { id: workflow_id, pid: process_id, state: workflow_state }}

On error, the content returned is:

{ error: { code: 1, message: “Verbose error”, data: { id, pid, state } } }

The following HTTP Response Codes are (to be) supported:

  • 200 OK - Request was successful
  • 400 Bad Request - Returned when the RPC method or required parameters are missing.
  • 401 Unauthorized - No or invalid authentication details were provided
  • 403 Forbidden - Authentication succeeded, but the authenticated user does not have access to the resource
  • 404 Not Found - A non-existent resource was requested
  • 500 Internal Server Error - Returned when there is an error creating an instance of the client object or a new workflow, or the workflow terminates in an unexpected state.

See Also

See the OpenXPKI documentation for further information. See also core/server/cgi-bin/rpc.cgi.