OpenAPI (aka Swagger)ΒΆ

This is not really an own subsystem but it offers an auto-generated OpenAPI 3.0 compliant specification of the RPC interface.

To generate the OpenAPI spec according to your current RPC configuration see Retrieving the OpenAPI spec.

The info block of the specification is by default set to contain a generic title and inherits the version number from system.config.api (as obtained by the version API call). To provide your own values for the info block, add a section [openapi] to the RPC wrapper configuration and set the expected values:

title = Public Certificate Reqest API
description = Request, Renew and Revoke your Certificates her
version = 42.1

The data types of all relevant input/output parameters of those workflows exposed via RPC must be defined (in the workflow config) to be able to generate the OpenAPI spec. For details see OpenAPI specific field parameters.