SCEP Server

The scep functionality is included as a special service with the core distribution. The scep service needs to be enabled in the global system configuration (system.server.service).

The communication with your scep clients requires the deployment of a cgi wrapper script with your webserver. The script will just parse the HTTP related parts and pass the data to the openxpki daemon and vice versa.

Wrapper Configuration

The default wrapper looks for its config file at /etc/openxpki/scep/default.conf. The config uses plain ini format, a default is deployed by the package:

log_config = /etc/openxpki/scep/log.conf
log_facility = client.scep




Path to the log4perl config file.


Facility to log with.


Location of the OpenXPKI socket file, the webserver needs rw access.


The realm of the ca to be used.


Implements a simple ip based access control, the clients ip adress is checked to be included in the given network. Only a single network definition is supported, the default of allows all ips to connect.


The default profile of the certificate to be requested, note that depending on the backing workflow this might be ignored or overridden by other paramters.


Path to the server side config of this scep service. Equal to the key from the config section in the scep.yaml file.


Encrpytion to use, supported values are I<DES> and I<3DES>.

Multiple Configs

The default location for config files is /etc/openxpki/scep, in combination with the default wrapper setup, the part after /scep/ in the url is used to probe for a filename holding a custom config, e.g.:

http://host/scep/mailgw  -> /etc/openxpki/scep/mailgw.conf

If no file is found, the default config is loaded from /etc/openxpki/scep/default.conf. The wrapper uses SCRIPT_URL or REQUEST_URI from the apache environment to extract the requests path, this should work in most environments with mod_rewrite, symlinks or alias definitions.

custom base directory

Set OPENXPKI_SCEP_CLIENT_CONF_DIR to a directory path. The autodetection will now use this path to find either the special or the default file. Note that there is no fallback to the default location!

fixed file

Set OPENXPKI_SCEP_CLIENT_CONF_FILE to an absolute file path. On apache, this can be combined with location to set a config for a special script:

<Location /cgi-bin/scep/mailgateway>
   SetEnv OPENXPKI_SCEP_CLIENT_CONF_FILE /home/mailadm/scep.conf

Note: The scep standard is not exact about the use of HTTP/1.1 features. We saw a lot of clients which where sending plain HTTP/1.0 requests which is not compatible with name based virtual hosting!